Friday, October 02, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Chicago Didn't Get The Olympics

One of Rich Lowry's e-mailers came up with the first version of this, which I felt I could improve upon...but I'll give credit for the inferior first draft where credit is due.

At any rate, here are the Top Ten Reasons Chicago Didn't Get The Olympics:

10. Dead people can't vote at IOC meetings.

9. Obama distracted by 25-minute meeting with Gen. McChrystal.

8. Who cares if Obama couldn't talk the IOC into Chicago? At least he has talked Iran out of building nukes.

7. The impediment: Israel is still building settlements.

6. [Omitted due to failure of teleprompter.]

5. Let me be clear: as I said at the time, Chicago doesn't want the Olympics.

4. This isn't about the number of Olympics "lost," it's about the number of Olympics "saved" and "created."

3. Not enough wise Latina judges on the committee.

2. The IOC is racist.

And the #1 reason Chicago didn't get the Olympics:

1. It's Bush's fault.


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