Saturday, September 26, 2009

Word of the Day Dept

James Taranto, neologist, eschewing the trite and unwieldy phrase "thrown under the bus":

"...(though in fairness, a full-length front-page story about Jones's hypovehiculation appeared on the second day)."

[cackling delightedly] I now have to see whether it's, wait, why should I selfishly keep the fun to myself? Why, Gentle Readers all, shouldn't you join in the fun?

[Cue dramatic music in driving 5/4 rock beat]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use that word (or cognates such as "hypovehiculator") in casual conversation at least three times at work on Monday -- in non-political conversation. As in, "Man, I remember that meeting. Nothing like being eyewitness to a double hypovehiculation." Or, "Hey, just watch your back when you're around Randy, 'cause if anything goes wrong, that guy is the Mother of All Hypovehiculators." (That sentence partially inspired by the AP story, also pointed out by Taranto, that in all seriousness includes the straight-from-The-Onion line, "Bono revealed to his parents that he was a lesbian at age 18.")

This laptop will self-destruct in five seconds...


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