Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now that's a guy with an attitude I like

One of the commentors over at Ann Althouse's blog started nattering on about "income inequality," which apparently seems like an intrinsic injustice to some people though I personally have difficulty seeing a rational reason for that position. That's not a discussion for this blog, though; I bring it up merely in order to pass on this comment from "Revenant," in response to the wanna-be-Lennon's, "Remember the movie 'A day without Mexicans'? Imagine 'A day without income disparity'":

Scary thought. I'm smarter and harder-working than the vast majority of Americans. A day without income disparity is a day when I'm underpaid.

Oooo, I like this guy. [still chuckling several minutes after first reading the comment] Besides, don't you agree that an above-average salary ought to go to outstanding performers, like, say, anybody who has managed to be Manager of the Year sixty times?

In fact that's my new motto, and I want it on a T-shirt:

"A day without income disparity is a day when I'm underpaid." Really and truly, I think I'm going to make that into a T-shirt. In fact I'll make it TWO T-shirts -- because I figure Novera will have to have one of those.


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