Monday, August 31, 2009

Political line of the day

I suppose if you are a Woman Of The Left, and you want to say that it was okay for Teddy Kennedy to treat women like something rather less valuable than subsidized farmland in his private life so long as he promoted the appropriate legal policies in Washington, and you want to speculate that perhaps Mary Jo Kopechne "would have thought it was worth it"...okay, I guess if that's the way you weigh a man's character, it's your privilege. But it would be a lot more fun for me if you could phrase your argument the way Mark Steyn recently phrased it on your behalf:

"You can't make an omelet without breaking chicks, right?"

[fondly remembering the spewing of coffee upon first reading]

See, this is EXACTLY why I miss Molly Ivins. It would have been hard to find anybody with whose politics I disagreed more, but even when she was pushing nonsense that I could hardly believe any adult could seriously buy into, she could make me laugh. And when Republicans, as they are wont to do, ran around pushing arrant nonsense like the current "Teddy was a better Catholic than the Pope" idiocy, you knew Molly would give 'em their own "without breaking chicks" moment. Now that Molly's gone, we have, who...Maureen Dowd???? Paul Krugman??? You gotta be kidding me. Looking at the current crop of columnists on the Left now that Molly's gone, I find myself saying, in the words of the Monty Python camel-spotter, "You're no fun anymore."

Which is too bad.

Actually, hang on a minute -- you know what? I guess maybe the problem is I don't watch has just occurred to me that perhaps Jon Stewart has taken over Molly's mantle, but since he's a tv guy rather than a print guy I'm missing out on all the funny Leftwise humor? This is a hypothesis I'm willing to consider seriously. Perhaps I ought to start making the effort to watch The Daily Show. Hmmmm...

UPDATE: For those not familiar with the camel-spotting sketch, allow me to address the lacuna in your cultural education.


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