Saturday, August 29, 2009

We are so dead

As the Sundries Shack puts it, in responding to this story:
Great. So if there is an advanced civilization on Gliese 581d, the very first communication it’ll get from us will be a two-hour long text spam attack. How, exactly, is several billion variations of “u r teh suxxors rofl” and “OMG ur my new BFF aliens!!11!!!” supposed to convince an alien planet that we’re actually intelligent?...The story says that the messages will take about twenty years to arrive. That gives us all about forty years before Earth is destroyed by a planet-annihilating death ray from Gliese 581d in 2049.
Obviously this story is a rich vein for the sarcastically inclined; I've seen several takes on it by way of Instapundit, and I think my favorite is the person (alas, can't remember who and can't hat-tip) who suggests that we include the message, "Txt me 2 ur leader!" [chuckling] Text me get it? "Text me to..." [disgustedly] Oh, never mind.


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