Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cash for Clogs

The problem with this is, aren't you taking money from those who exercised good fashion sense to begin with and giving it to the unfashionable? I can't imagine [name of good friend who loves fashion but hates being blogged about, deleted] being very happy about this program...and personally, I think people should have to live with the consequences of their own disastrous fashion choices. "Moral hazard," people! Look it up!
Manolo says, since the government is giving away the free money to the car buyers, perhaps it is time for the shoe industry to lobby for their own subsidy.

Thus the Manolo proposes the Cash for Clogs program.

Turn in your old Croc for destruction and receive the $10 gift certificate for the purchase of the new pair of beautiful shoes....[read the rest here]


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