Monday, August 31, 2009

Natasha Borzilova keeping it simple

The version of "Cheap Escape" on Natasha's album Cheap Escape is very nicely produced -- not overly produced by any means, but a nice small-band feel to it. I like it, very much. (There are at least three tracks on the album I like even better, but that's just because it's an excellent album with one strong cut after another.) But if you want to know how good a musician somebody is, as opposed to how good a producer she is, then you take away the band and the background tracks, and you hand her an acoustic guitar and a mike in front of a live audience, and you see what she can do.

I think she does fine, but then I'm predisposed to liking her music because I'm already very familiar with it from her Bering Strait days and from enough playthroughs of Cheap Escape to have long ago lost count.


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