Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I don't even have words...

...no, actually, it's the places where the words are missing that turn the staggeringly lame Microsoft parody I pointed you to a couple of days ago here into a gut-busting parody tracked down by Ed Driscoll here. There aren't any bad words...unless you supply them yourself, with your own dirty mind, which naturally you can't help but do.

A word of advice: please watch at least a minute or two of the original before watching the parody. You don't have to torture yourself by watching all of the original, but please watch two or three minutes of it. I can't think of any better example in my entire life of the principle of "less is more"...simply taking out an occasional word here and there, turns one of the lamest commercials of all time into one of the funniest parody videos of the year.

Though, on the off chance that my children have developed dirty minds, I decided not to embed the video in this post...don't miss it, though.


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