Thursday, May 05, 2011

Big day today...

...Helen's and Kai's green cards came in the mail today.

[does the dance of joy]

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

And may I just say...

...kudos to President Obama, for having the balls to make the call, and for being willing to piss off the Left by continuing so many of the Dubya policies he had campaigned against once he hit office and discovered reality. And that is not meant to be snide in any way, shape or form.

And kudos to President Dubya, for establishing the CIA "black sites," Guantanamo, and similar heavily-criticized intelligence asset/policy combinations that provided the core intelligence that made this day possible, as well as for building up the Navy SEAL program that made its execution feasible.

With Al Gore in the White House in 2003, or John Kerry in 2005, we neither gather the intelligence nor build up the military capability.

With John McCain in the White House in 2010, we never pull the trigger because McCain has always wet himself at the mere thought of offending our Pakistani "allies."

We needed both President Bush and President Obama. For all of my low opinions of many of the policies of those two gentlement, thanks to what happened in that luxury hideout in Pakistan, the first thing I'll do if I ever meet either of them in person is buy him a drink and shake his hand.

Then, of course, I'll ask him -- either of the two -- why his mother never taught him that it's disgracefully immoral to spend other people's money as if the laws of supply and demand had been divinely repealed. But first he gets the drink. Because if either the 2000, or the 2004, or the 2008 election had fallen differently, I think bin Laden lives on in impunity.

Two theories about the death of bin Laden...both, as it happens, involving Playstation

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