Monday, October 05, 2009

New policy

Political humor -- even if I'm just posting it because I think it's funny -- will now go on the politics blog, out of deference to the "safe zone" principle. My attitude has been that I don't mind people making fun of my politicians as long as they're genuinely being funny while they're doing it, and therefore there's no problem with my poking fun at their politicians. But I've been thinking...

1. The apparent symmetry of the "I'll make fun of yours but you are welcome to make fun of mine" isn't really symmetric because, with the exception of Sarah Palin, there's no such thing as "my" politician -- I despise pretty much all of the rest of them. So, while it's perfectly true that my principle is an honest one (see, for example, my link to the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, it calls for a way bigger sacrifice on my friends' part than it does on mine. Not actually fair. Argument abandoned.

2. I think people were Messiah-level invested in Obama, and therefore I think the disillusionment process may be much more painful than usual. So, you know, I have friends who at least used to be big Obama fans, and I largely try to avoid the topic with them in person because why kick somebody while they're down, and I think I want to extend that safety net to this blog as well.

3. I was tired of my own shameless racism and was in danger of having to ban myself.

Okay, so I couldn't resist that one last snark (which of course is a running Ace gag that I'm shamelessly stealing)...but that's it. No more Obama jokes here; they've been banished to the Politics of the Peril GULag.


At 4:08 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

It's come to this.

I can't find your last Bill Simmons post so I'm just going to randomly post Simmons quotes that make me laugh at my monitor wherever and whenever I feel like it. So there. THIS IS WAR!

(I have a test to write, dagnabbit!)

"I can't stop thinking about Packers fans; if Larry Bird had ever played against the Celtics, I would have wandered the streets of Boston for weeks and probably ended up trying heroin. Hard to believe we're here."


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