Monday, July 06, 2009

Both these trips deserve blogging but I fear I won't have time

Just so you guys know:

1. I went to Schulenburg Thursday night and got to see Wayne and Katina Dugger, at whose wedding long ago I was best man, but whom I lost touch with probably fifteen years or more back. Had a great time. Completely forgot to take pictures, other than this picture of an establishment that is my kind of place:

Nice work on the pun there, dude.

2. Went down to South Padre with Anya and Roma and Kinya, and while it wasn't a good idea for Roma to gamble by leaving the country, I went ahead and got up early this morning to run across the border because (a) I was curious about a particular beach south of Padre and (b) I needed a hat to work in the garden under.

Liked the beach:

Found an acceptable hat:

Further details pending...depending on whether I can make time to post them.


At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Katina said...

We had a great time earlier this month when we met up with you. It has been way to long, we must do it again soon. By the wey, I love the hat! It should go good with the overalls!


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