Saturday, June 13, 2009

Conflict Of Allegiance Dept

Every so often, just for a moment, does it ever happen that you suddenly see yourself the way other people must see you -- from outside, as it were, as if you were a stranger to yourself? It happens to me occasionally, at least. And I had one of those moments earlier this morning.

I'm here at Java Dave's, whither I came (since Dessie's month with the kids just started and none of the Troika will be awake before noon at the earliest) to do some Bible study and some blogging. In the event I wound up spending most of the morning on the phone dealing with some painful personal business that is off topic and is going to stay that way. And when I finally came back to the table where I had set down my personal effects, I suddenly saw the table as if it belonged to somebody else...and realized I must seem to be in the middle of the mother of all Divided-Loyalty Fails.


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