Sunday, June 21, 2009

Outfit of the Day Dept

I don't think the kilt, by itself, would be enough to say, "We have a winner!" Even that pastel, off-kilter (so to speak) tank top might not take us to the point where we could be confident that another contestant might not show up today to challenge this gentleman for the title.

But the loose-fitting half-length cowboy work boots, sans socks, seal the deal -- even more than you can tell from this picture, which fails to capture the fact, obvious in a side view, that the dude has such scrawny ankles that there's a good two inches of airspace between the shin and the front of the boot.

Frankly, I have to confess to a certain admiration for any man so plainly and utterly unconcerned with the opinions of the convention-bound rabble.


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