Monday, May 25, 2009

Um...I guess that's impressive...

So my friend Daniel is explaining to me that he has figured out that it blows girls away if you actually listen to what they're saying in all that endless talking they do, and then you carefully bring it up again a few days later in a subsequent conversation. And he starts listing off this impressive list of things he knows about one particular female friend of his (I don't know whether there's a space between "girl" and "friend" because, being a guy, I didn't bother to ask):

DANIEL: ...and I know what town she's from in Mexico, and I know her birthday, and I know she's Hispanic, and I know her favorite song...

PERIL: [unable to keep from interrupting delightedly] Wait a minute, did you just say you know she's Hispanic?

DANIEL: Um... [looks a bit embarrassed]

PERIL: [grinning] Hey, you know what? Your sister over there [nodding toward his sister Damaris, who like Daniel is the brown-skinned, black-haired, black-eyed, fluently Spanish-speaking Mexican child of two Mexican parents] -- if I'm not mistaken, I think I remember she told me once that she's Hispanic...[waits expectantly for Daniel to be impressed]...

DANIEL: [grinning back] Yeah, I guess maybe that's not so impressive.

PERIL: [who, despite the teasing, perceives quite clearly that this fifteen-year-old boy knows way too damned much about girls] And by the way, Daniel -- stay away from my daughter.

Ah, well, if the boy couldn't stand to be teased, he'd've killed off the friendship long before now.


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