Friday, May 22, 2009

Two health updates

1. Denae Liong is doing much better and is expected to come home from the hospital tomorrow morning. Thanks to all who prayed.

2. The special-formulation, anti-rheumatic-fever injection penicillen potion that the specialist prescribed for Kristina, turns out -- according to Walgreen's -- to be unavailable in the U.S. So I'll have to get back in touch with Dr. Lo on Monday and try to figure out what his backup plan was. So that's kind of a bummer...

3. ...but at least the afternoon we spent at the cardiologist's office today was an unqualified success: absolutely no apparent damage to Kinya's heart. So while the rheumatic fever has given her a miserable three or four months, it hasn't done us any permanent harm, and -- assuming we can track down a useful variant of penicillen -- we should have things well under control moving forward. Again, thanks to all who prayed.


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