Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And they arrested the dad, on the charge of deserving what he got...right?

Because if not, there is no justice in this world.

Book 'em both, is what I say, on the principle that these things (i.e., rude people gettin' what's comin' to 'em) must come, but woe to them through whom they come (just 'cause somebody deserves it doesn't mean you hand it out to 'em).

You will gather from this that I object rather strenuously to people who think that they are part of the entertainment in a movie theatre. I still bitterly remember the woman who was sitting in front of me at the Alamo Drafthouse on opening night of The Fellowship of the Ring, and who not only allowed her phone to ring during the Council of Elrond, but actually answered it and carried on a conversation about SHOPPING (!#$!@#$!#@), in normal conversational tones of voice, for two or three minutes. And if I'd'a had a blunt instrument handy I might well have done something regrettable my own self. (Yes, I know, I know...let it go, Pierce, let it go...)

Oh, sorry, almost forgot the hat tip: Judi.


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