Saturday, December 27, 2008, sorry about that

All this time I've been talking about Eileen-of-the-coffee-shop, and now that Newbie Barista Extraordinaire Kristina is bringing home copies of the work schedule, I discover that there is no Eileen working at Java Dave's. Though there is, as it turns out, an Aileen.

I sure wish these Filipinas would learn how to spell their own names...

Oh, and speaking of Newbie Barista Extraordinaire Kristina: I had been disappointed to find that the ever-cheerful Junior had decided to stop working at Java Dave's to concentrate on his studies, thereby depriving me of the only male baristo with whom I could talk Rockets basketball, etc. over my mochas grandes. But then, two days after word hits the streets that Kristina has taken the job, Junior decides maybe he'll work a few shifts at Java Dave's every now and then, after all.

Coincidence? I report; you decide.

One of your co-workers, should you choose to accept the mission


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