Friday, December 26, 2008

A fascinating article on the recruiting wars, with two caveats

Caveat the First: Sooners will like this article much more than Longhorns will, because OU both (a) wins the recruit and (b) comes off as far classier and far less willing to bend or break the rules than do the Longhorn folks. I think it important to emphasize that the truly outrageous attempts at bribery, and the notoriously wild party, are all instigated by Longhorn boosters, without the knowledge (much less participation) of Mack and his staff. I have to say, though, I've always been deeply grateful to Stoops for his integrity and for my feeling free to cheer for him without worrying that I was cheering for a contemptible man (imagine being a USC fan in the wake of the Reggie revelations, reading this article in which JaMarcus nearly commits to USC solely and purely for the sake of the parties). Hard to read this article as a Sooner fan and not feel your chest expanding several sizes.

Caveat the Second: It's the New York Times; so unfortunately practically every word of it is probably a lie. [sigh] In fact, this article is probably evidence that Mack is a saint who wouldn't play Times-ball and that Stoops is just the guy who ponied up the protection money. [sound of air escaping from previously expanded chest]


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