Monday, September 29, 2008

Shocker! I, not Marina, was the one being a moron

I quote from this earlier Peril post in which I tease Marina about what I thought was a relatively silly thing for her to say, on the occasion of August's being unable to read the archaic Russian version of the Lord's Prayer that was written on my whiteboard:
...Marina sticks her head in the door and says, pointing at the whiteboard, "Hey, August, can you read that?"

August stares at it for five seconds or so, clearly trying to figure out whether anybody's handwriting can really be as villianously illegible as mine appears to be, until it dawns on him that it's in Russian. He chuckles and says, "Nope, it's beyond me."

Marina generously excuses him: "That's not surprising -- it's a relic."

Which left me wondering, given that her excuse seemed to be based on the fact that the prayer was writting in archaic Russian: if it had been in modern Russian, would she have expected him to be able to read it? ;-)
There's just one problem with that: Marina finally got around to reading that blog post, and promptly informed me that she did not, in fact, say, "It's a relic."

What she said was, "It's Cyrillic."


All teasing laughter is now officially redirected at yours truly.


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