Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another round of Te Deum is called for

Michael Yon has been for years by far the most reliable source of information on the Iraq War and its progress -- a fierce critic of Bush in the early days (I believe it was from Yon that I first found out that Iraq had descended into civil war, long before the mainstream media clued into it), but also one of the first -- months ago -- to announce that the surge had turned the tide, something that the mainstream media seems to have realized last Tuesday morning, more or less. Yon, you see, is not on the side of the Democrats or the Republicans. He's on the side of the soldiers, and of America. In a world of CNN and Fox News he's one of the few news sources you can read and pretty much take at his word without correcting for unrestrained political bias.

So I'm on Yon's mailing list, and I just got an e-mail from him that began thusly:

We have won the war in Iraq. By "we" I mean the Coalition and the Iraqis.

So, you know what? That man has earned his credibility over and over. So I think that, having finally gotten rid of The Smartest Man in the World (I refer to Ronald Dumsfeld and to his own self-evaluation) and handed the war over to a guy who actually knew what the heck he was doing (Petraeus, obviously, whose worth Yon, once again, was touting long before I heard anybody else talking about him)...I think Bush's Iraq War is probably pretty much won.

Boy, I can't even imagine how furious the Democratic Congress must be -- eight years of doing their damndest to ensure America's defeat and we won anyway.


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