Sunday, July 13, 2008

Papa takes over publicity for the Troika...

...'cause they need work.

Kinya, by the way, has babysat three times now for Miss Ella (not to be confused with Miss Ellie; Miss Ella is an extremely sophisticated Russian brunette with a very cute little boy) -- and this afternoon Kinya landed a babysitting gig for tomorrow night with one of Miss Ella's Russian podrug (friends, feminine) who had gotten a glowing recommendation of Kinya from Miss Ella. But with Achmed having replaced Anya and Natasha with family members (understandable, and I'm not upset with him over it), I need to get those two back to work.

So the following flyer (with uncensored telephone numbers, of course) is now going up on a coffeeshop bulletin board near you:


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