Friday, July 11, 2008

Criminal Mastermind Thespian of the Day Dept

The story of "Giovanno Venosa" is amusing, perhaps even instructive. Here's the Peril's summary of events:

1. A big-shot in the Naples branch of the Italian mafia finds out that somebody's making a movie about his own crime outfit.

2. He's always wanted to act, and he figures, "Now this is a role I oughta be able to play;" so he auditions for a bit part and wins it.

3. The movie is shown in the local prison, where certain members of that same crime outfit have taken up involuntary temporary residence.

4. When the "actor" shows up on the screen, the inmates say, "Hey, cool, look, there's Big Vinnie! Way to go, Big V!" High fives all around for their buddy who's made it to the big screen.

5. The police say, "Really? How interesting." And then they go arrest the gentleman.

My day is officially made.


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