Thursday, July 10, 2008

Count Your Blessings Attitude of the Day

I'm all for looking on the bright side, but I'm not in the running with Shakira, who decides (in "Suerte") that she is lucky because...well, I'll just let her say it herself. And since it's a bit risqué I'll leave it in her original Spanish so that if my children want to get the mildly dirty joke they'll at least have to learn a bit of a foreign language. How's that for educational motivation?

Anyway, why does Shakira tell her guy that she considers herself fortunate?

"Suerte que mis pechos sean pequeños
y no los confundas con montañas..."

So, um, I suppose that among Dolly Parton's problems are some I had never imagined, eh? (I'm just wondering what Shakira thinks her guy would do si él los confundiera con montañas -- start yodelling? I suppose that would break the mood, rather...)


Oh, okay, fine, I'll translate it:

"It's a good thing my breasts are so small; otherwise you might mistake 'em for mountains."


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