Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jennifer realizes that she is bilingual

SCENE: Jennifer, Felicia and the Peril are in the Peril's temporary office, which he has obtained by the simple tactic of going and sitting in it since nobody else seems to be using it. They are wrapping up a discussion of what needs to be done the rest of the day on the S&O project, when the Peril's BlackBerry rings.

PERIL: [thanks to call waiting, he knows which language to answer in] Allo, dyévochka.

[Jennifer, who has gotten all the information she came for, gets up and heads for the door]

PERIL: Khoroshó, no, dóchenka, ya pozvonú tebyé potóm -- ya s'chas na fstréche.

JENNIFER: [coming to an abrubt halt and swinging back around with a look of surprised triumph on her face] Hey, wait a minute -- I recognized that! You just said, "I'm in a meeting," didn't you?

PERIL: [into phone] Paká. [Hangs up and grins at Jennifer] Hey, whaddaya know, you've learned some Russian. [For in point of fact, he has indeed just said to his sixteen-year-old daughter, "Fine, honey, but I'll call you later -- I'm in a meeting."]

Okay, the third-person thing is getting annoying...obviously I get interrupted in meetings a lot by phone calls from the girls, if my friends have gotten to the point where they recognize the phrase, "Ya s'chas na fstreche." I think I'll have to stop using all that Russian profanity in front of Jennifer before she figures that bit out too...having already tossed Proverbs 11:22 her way recently I should probably adopt the motto of Clan Drummond for a while.


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