Saturday, December 11, 2010

When Iowahawk is bad, it's painful, but when he's good even the Onion could take notes

And in this old piece from 2008, he's not only very, very good, but -- in light of President Obama' fail me...very odd decision to leave Bill Clinton in charge of a Presidential press conference -- downright prophetic:
Obama Names Bill Clinton to Presidential Post

WASHINGTON DC - Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government's executive branch.

"I am pleased that Bill Clinton has agreed to come out of retirement to head up this crucial post in my administration," said Obama. "He brings a lifetime of previous executive experience as Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, and has worked closely with most of the members of my Cabinet."

Seriously, read the whole thing. Oh, I should warn you that, like the Onion, Iowahawk can sometimes allow his fictional characters to use extremely non-Baptist language.

And while we're comparing Iowahawk to The Onion, here's you a compare-and-contrast exercise. First, we have a classic Onion point-counterpoint. First to give her side is Vicki Helmholz, receptionist for Dr. Glickman, who argues, "My Computer Totally Hates Me!" In response, we have Miss Helmholz's computer, responding, "God, Do I Hate That Bitch".

Now compare this old Iowahawk videoparody from the Obama campaign trail, in which Obama's teleprompter has some demands to make, and some threats in case Obama is not disposed to grant said demands.


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