Saturday, December 04, 2010

A couple of observations late in the first half of the Big XII championship game

1. The O.U. offense simply doesn't work without DeMarco Murray. Since Murray is not the back A.D. was, and yet the drop-off when Murray leaves is as dramatic as when A.D. used to go out, I think we have to say that O.U. is not looking very good for running back next year. On the bright side, if you're a ferocious blue-chip running back graduating from high school next year, you have to like your chances of getting lots of touches on national television right away next year by signing with O.U. So that should make recruiting a little easier this year.

2. You may win a lot of games with Landry Jones as your quarterback, but you will not win a national championship. He will give you some huge plays but he simply is not capable of error-free football. There is a top tier for national-championship-caliber quarterbacks. He is not in it. But on the bright side, at least he has had the sense to get rid of that lame 'stache.

3. I don't at all fault Stoops for going for it in no-man's land three times in the first half...but how in God's name is it possible that there is any big-time coach or quarterback in college or pro footfall who doesn't know how to quick-snap when a reviewable call has gone your way but hasn't yet been reviewed???? Jones acted as though the play clock sets a minimum time before the snap rather than a maximum. What, we quick-snap a fourth-down but stand back trying to read the defense when a review could be (and indeed turned out to be) catastrophic????????

4. Every aspect of the O.U. game -- offense, special teams and defense -- has had a breakdown at this point. Hard not to think that this team, this year, has been the most mentally sloppy of Stoops's tenure. That's not characteristic of a Stoops team and I think is simply an example of the fact that in the end no coach can make plays on his players' behalf.

5. Broyles is a frickin' stud. The play he made to almost get the ball back on that interception was hellaciously athletic and even more hellaciously competitive. If his coach and quarterback have their act together he saves a touchdown.


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