Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A very cool technique

This is one of lamest attempts to make a political case that I've ever seen...I'm an avid proponent of term limits and by the time I got to the end of this thing I was almost ready to vote AGAINST them. (Um, dude, having a simple graphics animation shout "THAT'S JUST A FACT" is not an argument; it's a complete and hopeless failure to PRESENT an argument, making it practically impossible to avoid the assumption that you can't think of any arguments to present. It's like you make the statement and then say, "Oh, and just to make sure you can't fail to notice that I have no evidence to back up this assertion, here's a graphics animation emphasizing the fact that I have no evidence whatsoever." What a moron, and how embarrassing that he's on my side.)

But the technique itself is really cool -- it's an interactive series of YouTube videos in which each video snippet poses a question, and based on your answer you jump to the appropriate next stage in the video. So, ignore the genuinely lame political case-making and check out the YouTube technique.


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