Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Political Tweet Of The Month So Far

In response to President Obama' fail me...very odd decision to leave Bill Clinton in charge of a Presidential press conference, Michael Goldfarb tweeted: "Finally, America has a black President again."

Thank God I wasn't sipping Scotch while reading the tweet. (This is a reference to a long-ago occasion on which a co-worker cracked a hilarious ad-lib just as I was swallowing a mouthful of Oban single-malt, thereby putting me in the position of being able to assure you, Gentle Reader, that snorking Scotch whiskey out one's nose unexpectedly is an EXTREMELY painful experience. I mean, I suppose snorking Scotch whiskey out one's nose expectedly would also be painful, but the Voice Of Experience cannot speak to the latter hypothetical situation. Naturally, these ten years later, I don't remember the ad-lib and I'm not even sure who the friend was, though for some reason I think it was Tina Walker...but I certainly remember the fiery pain.)


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