Monday, October 05, 2009

Maternal Mastermind Of The Day Dept

In a variant on our running "Criminal Mastermind Of The Day" Dept, we have Jackie Denise Knott, whose solution to hauling the big cardboard box that wouldn't fit into her minivan was as follows:

1. Tie the box to the top of the minivan with what WAFF (Huntsville, Alabama) reporter Barbara Czura calls a "wire close hanger" (for you Gentle Yankee Readers, that's a wire clothes hanger, which every redneck knows can be untwisted and then used as a handy substitute for balin' wire).

2. Have your 13-year-old daughter sit in the box so that it won't blow off the roof.

3. Set off merrily on your way down U.S. Highway 431. There, you fixed it!

HT: Jammie Wearing Fool.


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