Sunday, April 05, 2009

You Keep Assuming I Know What That Word Means Dept

The trouble with kids -- especially adopted kids who have had to acquire English as a second language well into their teenaged years -- is that it's hard to remember how many, and which, things they don't know...

Conversation yesterday with Kinya, as Papa wanders down the driveway and meets Kinya on her way back to the house from visiting the mailbox:

KINYA: [looking up in disgust from the letter she has just opened, which seems to be a bank statement] Papa, why does the bank keep sending me this?

PAPA: [looking more closely and confirming that this is indeed Kinya's bank statement for this month] That's just your bank statement, Kinya.

[Kinya rolls her eyes and begins vigorously wadding up the paper, earning a startled yelp from Papa]

PAPA: No, Kinya, stop! You're supposed to reconcile that and file it!

KINYA: [tossing in Papa's direction her standard "Pápa stáriy durák" look of disdain for Papa's senility and mental slowness] But, Papa, I already have one of these.


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