Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speaking of Dr. Chopp and March Madness...

...the frightening thing about this story is that it makes perfect sense. [Smacks self on the forehead for not having thought of it in time.]

By the way, Dave Commenter "Horace LaBadie" enriches the story with the following factoid: "Letterman featured an ad for the Springfield Urology clinic on Small Town News. They were offering this promotion, plus Free Pizza."

But that's not enough for Horace to be crowned the Dave Commenter of the Day. That would be "CJrun," who reminds us that "there is a vas deferens between sex and pregnancy."

HT: Dave, which is obviously why I'm quoting his commenters.

UPDATE: The newly indispensable Criggo has the actual ad referred to by Horace.


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