Thursday, December 11, 2008

I blame Barack Obama (not really)

The only thing worse than the BCS... having a bunch of Congressman decide they need to fix it.

Words fail me. At least, words I can type onto this family- and Baptist-friendly blog fail me. Words that I can type without melting the keyboard on the laptop -- those words fail me.

In fact, do you know what? The very worst and most horrific Russian obscenities I can think of -- and Russians are way better at bad language than are Americans or even Englishmen -- are not adequate. Words really have failed me.

[insert primal scream here]

Do you know the only law I really want Congress to pass? I'd like Congress to pass a law making it illegal for Congressmen to breed. It's the least they can do for future generations and would be far more helpful to the country than 99% of the legislation that actually gets passed.

You'll notice, by the way, that these...these...words have failed me again...these Congressmen have absolutely no intention whatsoever of doing a single damned thing to stop the outrageous economic exploitation of the student athlete. Those of you who adore Barack might remember that Barack, when given the chance to point out the obvious fact that the rich white men who rake in millions as A.D.'s and coaches in the NCAA, are able to command those salaries solely because the NCAA uses its monopoly power to exploit the labor and value provided by the (mostly black and poor) student-athlete on a scale, both in proportional and absolute terms, that Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt and the California grape-growers of wrath couldn't have dreamed of in their wildest fantasies...when handed that opportunity on a silver platter, Barack instead talked about a playoff system. And now these Texas Repubs are actually going to introduce legislation to force a playoff system...but do you think either Barton or McCaul would ever in a million years pass legislation requiring the NCAA either to allow unlimited transfers to student athletes, or else to force any coach or A.D. to sit out a year anytime he decided to leave one school and jump to another one, for example? -- much less to force the NCAA to drop the ludicrous "amateur athletics" sham for basketball and football and start sharing the pot with the athletes who make the whole thing work?

I don't seriously blame Barack for the fatuosity of Barton and McCaul (ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Texas Republican Party! and I can't imagine why it might have been that the American people have finally decided that Texas Republicans are not, after all, probably the best choice of people to entrust the running of the country to). Each man is responsible for his own idiocy. (I certainly take full responsibility for the idiocies committed on this blog.) But for giving us that playoff fluff instead of taking a shot at some of the grossest systematic injustice currently existing in the U.S....for that I do blame Barack.

Real leadership, that was, Barry Boy.


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