Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why is Colt staying at UT?

Best explanations from commenters on this story:

"It's really simple as to why he is staying. He's getting paid A LOT more at UT than he will in the NFL."

Though I suspect the commenter has gotten confused and thinks the letters "UT" stand for "Ohio State University" or "University of Southern California"...still a good snark.

Then there's this:

"I think he's staying in college another year because he's afraid if he goes pro the Lions might draft him. I would be."

Now that's an absolutely valid point (though I suppose he could try to pull an Eli Manning). But to me, that's possibly a reason to go ahead and go. If you're a quarterback -- and, by the way, on this point I'm totally serious -- you want to be a late first-round draft pick, I think, because you're going to make plenty of money but that way you get to learn your craft on a good team that has time to develop you. Sam Bradford genuinely has to fear that he'll get drafted by the Lions, or some other similarly bad team, if he comes out this year. Colt would have a good chance of winding up with the Patriots or the Steelers or the Cowboys. If I'm a late first-rounder as a quarterback, I don't want to move up, because I want the long-term career, not the up-front money.


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