Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarahvational posters

One thing about Sarah Palin is that she has inspired a tidal wave of grass-roots humor. There are, for example, websites that have Sarah Palin versions of the good ol' standard Chuck Norris riffs, e.g.:

"A moose once bit my sister. Sarah Palin avenged her."

And Rachel Lucas and her commenters are having a grand old time creating mock motivational posters starring the Sarahcuda.

This presents a dilemma for me: do I post this stuff here, which is really my designated silly-stuff, for-the-grins blog, or over at the Politics of the Peril blog where I keep my more serious political commentary? My call: if the reason I want to post it is because I think it's creatively hilarious, then it goes over here. Therefore, I hereby give you some of the motivational posters from Rachel's post and the comments appended thereunto. (Don't miss the comments; that's where most of the posters have shown up, including a couple that made me laugh but that I decided were outside of the family-friendly boundaries I've established here in Peril-land.)

I can't help but notice, by the way, that Barack's legions of adorers responded by making Messianic movie videos, but with astonishingly little Barack-oriented humor; whereas one of the absolutely defining characteristics of the Palin phenomenon is that Palin's supporters are laughing as much as they're cheering. As a Sarahcuderite myself, I suppose I'm not that objective, but if I step back for a moment and take a breath and survey the scene, I think I would express it this way:

Barack inspires adoration. Sarah inspires affection.

Anyway, here are some of the (sufficiently clean) posters I thought were pretty creative (bad puns, etc.)

(The last one is a takeoff on Jonah Goldberg's line, "Sarah Palin was put on earth to do two things: hunt caribou, and kick butt. And she's all out of caribou." Don't know where it was that he first included that line but I know it's his; so, credit where due and all that.)


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Another indication your base is energized


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