Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What the Peril thinks Sarah Palin's campaign slogan for 2012 should be

"We need somebody in the White House who is not afraid of the Iranians. Or of really bad puns."

I don't actually know whether or not this is really Sarah Palin. I just think the shirt is hilarious. Stole the picture, by the way, from Ace.

Of course, the English teacher's kid in me would prefer a President who knew where to put her commas. But life is full of compromises.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

I got Christie to laugh by reading her the T-shirt punnage.

Yesterday I was reading an insightful post about the way all the 'revelations' were being reported and followed a link over to www.telegraph.co.uk to find out what those intrepid Brits had uncovered about the Palin's relationship to the Alaska Independence party...and nearly had a heart attack. One of the linked stories, right under "McCain sends in hit squad" was titled "Redneck father of Palin baby" Luckily that redneck was apparently in no peril of anything worse than a shotgun wedding.


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