Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gene Stipe and his sleazeball co-horts: some things never change

Hey, Pittsburg County District Attorney Jim Miller:

It is my personal, non-anonymous opinion that you are...oh, never mind, it's a family blog.

Next time ex-State Senator Stipe has dinner at your house, you may tell him personally from me to go soak his head. Ah, yes, Gene Stipe...a man who has always had all the sleaziness and white-trashiness and open corruptibility of Bill Clinton, but without the intelligence and competence ever to get himself onto a bigger stage than Oklahoma backcountry county politics.

Oh, and may I recommend to your attention, Mr. Miller, the First Amendment to the Constitution? As surprising as the news may be to you, it protects the expression of personal opinions even when they are unflattering to friends and political patrons of small-time local D.A.'s.

Yours sincerely,
Redneck Peril, whose real name, to save you the trouble of a subpoena, is Darrell Kenneth Pierce, Jr., formerly of 1224 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hartshorne, Oklahoma, and sometime valedictorian of McAlester High School (Class of '85)

[chuckling] Of course I don't actually know any of the facts behind the story. I don't actually know Miller or what his justification of the subpoenas might be. Maybe he has a good one. Kinda doubt it, though.

But I grew up just outside of McAlester, and I know all I need to know about Gene Stipe. If Jim Miller is corruptible, then Gene Stipe will already have done whatever he had to do to corrupt him. A whole lot of my to-the-bone contempt for politicians has to do with growing up in the district that the contemptible Senator Stipe shamelessly exploited.


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your comment.
another confirmation.
it takes courage.
the trouble with the "good ole boy
system" in oklahoma is it works.
the law is bought off. sjt


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