Thursday, October 28, 2010

Political Line Of The Day

Jim Treacher had a great response to Katie Couric's already-infamous comment that she was going to Middle America to listen to, and this is a direct quote (!!!), "this great unwashed middle of the country." That sounds like a match made in heaven: the Great Unwashed, and [I here bow to Treacher] the Great Unwatched.

But that's not the Line Of The Day because Treacher came up with that yesterday. The Line Of Today So Far comes from Matt Miller:
The American people in their wisdom are about to punish a party they're furious with by giving more power to a party they can't stand.
True dat.

A close runner-up for line of the day is in the same article, where Miller observes, "For the next two years we'll thus be ruled by the blind fighting the blind."

I may have to read this Miller guy more often; the guy has some wit and verve to him.


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