Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HSSE Moment Of The Day / Delightful Prank Of The Day

I just love this one -- a cheerful teenager hacks into his local TV station's news teleprompter and awards himself a Nobel Prize.

Also, you gotta love the girl on the left, who figures out what's going on but is clearly amused by it; and you thank your lucky stars you're not married to the pompous twit on the right who graces us with a Have Some Respect For My Dignity speech while the blonde tries and fails to hide her grin. Big marks to the blonde, who purely on the basis of that cheerful and good-natured grin becomes one of the few women I've met that I might actually have been willing to go on a date with if I hadn't met Helen first, and a big raspberry to the leuke dude.

HT: Insty.


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