Friday, August 13, 2010

Hmmmmm...not sure I'll be taking this guy's advice

In an article entitled "Never Marry a Chinese Woman," some guy who's ashamed to give his real name quotes the famous description of Chinese women as "steel rods swathed in flowers" and then goes on to say, among other things:
The good news is that unlike Western Women, who will make you pay for days (or years) for your crimes, Chinese women tend to let you off as soon as you've appropriately groveled (this must take place in your home, which is actually her domain, not yours) for an hour or two, and you've told her your sorry, and lastly, you've bought her a gift (do not forget about the ever important relationship saving gift). But if you want to get off without dismemberment, do not act as if you don't understand what you did wrong (even though you inevitably do not understand). Suck it up, admit your guilt, and promise never to do it again, even if you have no idea of what exactly it is that you will not do again, and life will be back to normal in short order.
This is amusing advice, at least. But I have to say I'm disinclined to pay much attention to him given his little bio blurb at the end (emphases added):
Harry Monk (nom de plume), much experienced with life in China, has had several long term relationships with both Western and Chinese women. He currently lives in China and is happily committed to a three year relationship with a beautiful Chinese lady.
Um...about this "long-term" and "committed" thing...[in Inigo Montoya accent] "you keep using those words..."


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