Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I approve of mothers who train their children to use good grammar

For example, I'm at the Astros game last night, standing out at the right-field fence during the Brave's batting practice an hour and a half before gametime, and a mom shows up with her two sons, maybe five and seven years old. Now, I approve of bringing your kids to the park, and I approve very much of bringing them there in time for batting practice, and I approve of explaining to them what's going on out on the playing field, as she proceeded to do. And since I also approve of parents who watch their kids' grammar, I was very interested to hear the following conversation transpire:

5-YEAR-OLD: I wish I'd've goed there.

MOM [with some amusement]: "Goed"? "GOED"?

[5-YEAR-OLD looks blank, as he's not sure what he's supposed to say]

7-YEAR-OLD [helpfully]: You mean, "I wish I'd've WENT there."

MOM [with satisfaction]: That's better.


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