Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I don't know what to do about this...

As you know I've been trying to find some way to keep my friend Nurgul from having to live in a very very bad part of town once she graduates from college and is no longer allowed to live in the youth house. But, alas, I haven't had much luck. Today I got this e-mail from her, which kills me, but I don't know what to do about it except to ask you guys to pray really hard for her protection and for her to find a way out...

Дядя Кэн мы уже должны на этой неделе переехать. Я ужасно не хочу. Я боюсь потому что я читала сегодняшнюю газету и там написали про то место куда мы перезжаем. Там увезли двух девочек в другой город и заставили заниматься проституцией. И еще написали что это не первый случай. Там постоянно всякие машины приезжают и всякие мужики ходят. Я не хочу там жить. Я хочу попросить вас пожалуйста постарайтесь побыстрее найти деньги пожалуйста. Я буду вам очень благодарна. Это для меня сейчас самое важное. Пожалуйста.

Which is to say,

Uncle Ken, we have to move out this week. I really don't want to go. I'm scared, because I was reading today's newspaper and there was a story about the place where we are moving. Two girls were kidnapped away to another city and forced into prostitution. And another article said that this was not the first time. There all sorts of cars constantly coming and going and all sorts of men hang out there. I do not want to live there. I want to ask you please try to quickly find the money please. I'll be very grateful. This is for me now terribly important. Please.

[sigh] I had hoped to be able to carve a few thousand dollars out of the bonus but there wasn't any left over after taxes and lawyers. Please pray for her very hard.


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