Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I don't play piano much

Because I know that (a) there are people who play like this, and (b) I will never be one of them.

But it's nice to listen and marvel.

By the way, a challenge for people writing "etudes" -- that is, technical exercises meant to force you to develop your technique to greater heights -- is to make them be artistically pleasant to listen to as well as ferociously difficult to play. Chopin is the master but then it's pretty hard to beat Waldesrauschen in my opinion -- "Sounds of the Forest" is as good a translation as any I suppose ("Шум леса" in Russian, which, since I first heard it on a Russian album, is how I knew it first).

Listen, even if you don't like classical music much, this is worth a few minutes of your time.


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