Thursday, February 04, 2010

Serious You-Tube Title Of The Day Dept

Okay, granted it's in French, but how can you resist "Une subvention de 128 000$ pour faire voler une banane géante au-dessus du Texas" -- that is, "A government grant of $128,000 to make a banana fly above Texas"?

The full description: "Une subvention de 128 000$ accordée à l'artiste César Saëz pour qu'il fasse voler une banane géante au-dessus du Texas. Une banane qui n'a jamais volée !!!" That is, "A grant of $128,000 awarded to the artist César Saëz so that he could make a giant banana fly above Texas. A banana that has never flown!" Think of it, Gentle Reader: a banana that has never flown! Whoever heard of such a thing?

(Backstory: some Canadian government agency or other gave the guy the money to make a giant banana float in the skies above Texas, which in some way was supposed to show the artist's, and presumably Canada's, distaste for George W. Bush. The artist happily took the cash, and then left the country without making the giant banana, leading to my favorite moment in that YouTube interview, where the interviewer asks, "Mais où est le banane?" Thus it was the artist, rather than the banana, that split...)

HT: Mark Steyn


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