Saturday, February 06, 2010

The demon sheep

Can't vote in California and don't have a dog in this political hunt, but I just have a question for my Gentle Readers...

...have you, in recent memory, ever seen a weirder political spot? The demon sheep (it takes a while to get there but it's, um, I suppose "worth it" is about as close as I can hope to get to le mot juste) Wow. What a, um, costume. To use the word generously.

My favorite moment is the shot from the rear of the demon sheep as the demon sheep crawls...I should say, there's only so much disbelief one can suspend: that's definitely a guy in a very bad sheep costume crawling away from the camera across a field. Kind of a stretch to call a costume that badly made "sheep's clothing" when no self-respecting sheep would be caught dead in it.

I think it's hilarious...I just don't know whether it was meant to be.


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