Friday, February 26, 2010

Better Luck Next Time Dept

[Deion and Denae are still at Uncle Kenny's, perhaps a half hour after Denae's search for the cookie jar (see previous post), when Rusty decides to help entertain Denae by performing a card trick.]

RUSTY [holding out the cards to a somewhat mystified Denae]: Pick a card, Denae.

[She does so.]

RUSTY: Now, look at the card -- no, no, don't show me, just look at the card yourself.

[She does so.]

RUSTY: Okay, put the card back.

[Just then Deion wanders up.]

DEION [watching with interest as Denae carefully inserts the card back into the deck]: What are you doing?

DENAE [slightly glumly]: I picked the wrong card.


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