Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, At Least There's No Hidden Agenda Dept

[The Peril's four-year-old "nieces" Deion and Denae are spending the evening at Uncle Kenny's house.]

DENAE [pointing at the tea jar]: Uncle Kenny, is that a cookie jar?

UNCLE KENNY: Nope, that's...I'm not sure what that is, actually.

ANNA [from her seat at the kitchen table]: That's tea, Papa.

UNCLE KENNY: That's the tea jar, Denae.

DENAE: Can I see inside it?

[Uncle Kenny flips open the lid, lifts Denae into the air, lets her look for a second, and then sets her down.]

UNCLE KENNY: There you go.

DENAE [without missing a beat, pointing at the big latching sugar cannister next to the tea jar]: Is that the cookie jar?

UNCLE KENNY [who knows this one without help]: No, dai, that's the sugar jar.

DENAE: Can I look inside it?

UNCLE KENNY [grinning]: Sure. [Picks her up again, and then as she gazes down into the sugar jar from above...] So, are you just going to keep on going until you find the cookie jar?

DENAE [cheerfully and firmly]: Yep.


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