Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Criminal Mastermind Of The...No, wait, this time I really mean it

It's the policeman who plays the Wile E. Coyote role in this one. Now, where did I put that bank robbery hold-up note?

HT: Patterico.

P.S. In the news article, don't miss the commenter who gives us this shining example of utter lack of perspective in re his own importance compared to the rest of the world:
good job police, funny note gobbling, but....

why in the heck do I not see cars moving past them?

They hopefully did not block off the highway because they pulled a single car over.

My wife is a doctor at the Cleveland clinic and she commutes along that road to work.

Would have been stupid to hold up (no pun intended) important people like that from getting to work over some toolbag that had just robbed a bank.

I dont see how blocking off that side of the highway would have helped anything.
Yes, "David," God forbid that we should hold up an Important Person like your wife while we make sure a possible bank robber isn't, you know, ARMED. [shaking head]


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