Monday, November 30, 2009

That was a spankin'.

Either I have badly underestimated the Saints (in another two weeks they might be calling me and asking me to play cornerback for them -- how in the world are they keeping anybody at all out of the end zone with that baling-wire wheelchair-Olympics old-folks-home secondary of theirs????) or else I have badly overestimated the Pats.

I'm leanin' toward the latter.

Bad vibes in Beantown tonight, I'm thinkin'.

Also, can we now all agree that Tom Brady is at best the third best quarterback in the NFL at this point...probably fourth-best, if one allows 40-year-old men into the conversation?


Of course what I'm really pulling for is for both the Colts and Saints to go undefeated right to the Super Bowl, meaning that we wouldn't even have to wait that last two weeks for Sports Lovers from sea to shining sea to rise up and with one voice tell Mercury Morris to go shut the #@$@$#@#$@ up already!!!