Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're All Professionals Here

It's first and ten, Vikings, on the Bears' 21-yard line. A short pass, but a great run after the catch, into the end zone for a Vikings touchd...oh, wait, the wide receiver was holding on the six.

So now it's first and five, Vikings, on the Bears' 16-yard-line. Middle screen, gain of a couple of...oh, wait, ineligible man downfield.

So now it's first and ten, Vikings, on the Bear's 21-yard-line. Again. The ball is snapped...oh, wait, the play has been blown dead because the Bears are offsides.

So now it's first and five, Vikings, on the Bears' 16-yard-line. Again. Pitch to Adrian Peterson, gets the corner, nice tough run down to the four, first d...oh, wait, Peterson got caught for offensive face mask. Fifteen-yard-penalty from the start of the foul...

[Sigh] So now it's first and thirteen, Vikings, on the Bears' 24-yard-line. At least this is a different place to have a first down from. Thank goodness, 'cause it was gettin' monotonous there...

(That play was an incomplete pass, which finally got us to second down. And in the end the Vikes settled for a field goal. It's not like they were going to be hurting for points in this game...good Lord, the Bears look terrible.)

(Oh, and why waste blog space on a superfluous hat-tip to Tuesday Morning Quarterback for the "we're all professionals here" tag, given that everybody who reads my blog also reads TMG religiously every Tuesday during football season and already caught the allusion. I mean, you all do read TMG. Right? Right?)


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