Wednesday, June 03, 2009

But Can She Do the Breast Stroke? Dept

OK, so I needed to open a copy of Microsoft Word at this computer I'm borrowing from the coffee shop, and I couldn't find the icon; so I just figured I'd grab one of the "recent documents" and use that to get into Word. There was one called "My Resume" and I figured I didn't need to worry about accidentally accessing private information in that particular document; so I clicked on it.

And while I won't tell you the young lady's name, I can't resist passing on the first paragraph, suitably emphasized by yours truly:
Waitress (“Hooters Girl”), Hooters (12/08 – Present)

But wait -- just in case you don't know what a “Hooters Girl” is, the lady helpfully explains in detail:
Waitress full-time as a “Hooters Girl”. This includes greeting tables, bussing and cleaning tables, taking orders, serving food, helping promote events at our Hooters location, keeping restaurant clean and organized, stocking work stations, visiting with guests, answering the phone at times, acting as a good team player, keeping customers happy, and any other random duties asked of us by the managers.

I didn't think she was going to mention the uniforms, but then she got to the "keeping customers happy" part...and the males among us are now mighty curious about those "other random duties"...

After that I couldn't resist looking over the rest of the thing (hey, maybe BG is hiring, eh?), and we also find the following:
Team Enterprises, Miller Lite Promotional Model (8/08-11/08)
Promoted and marketed the Miller Lite beer brand at on-site location promotions such as bars and various clubs throughout the greater Houston area. This included wearing a type of uniform and going out to different places and giving out free beer as we talked to all of the customers there about the brand and how it compares to others. We also played games to help get attention and increase knowledge about our product.

It even has her cell phone number on it...hmm, perhaps I needn't bother with that application to the Russian mail order bride company...


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Kris with a K said...

I believe that falls under the "other duties as assigned" department.

heh heh.....I said "duty"....heh heh


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